Submission 377

Title: Mura Lag (Lots of home)

Artist: Paul

Age: 16 years old

We had to create an artwork that we could carve out on a lino tile. The artwork is intended to be displayed at an exhibition of artwork at school. The problems I encountered was the lino mat was soft and felt as if it was disintegrating. I got my design from Samoa, the Torres strait and indigenous Australia it was to show I have bloodline to many places. The meaning of my design was to show that I come from a multicultural background. The ink was very bad, it was too slippery and wet, and this caused the ink to bleed into the carved lines. My print wasn’t as good as I liked because of these reasons. The things I liked about my print was the design I carved, it really showed out in the print. I would give my print score of 8/10. I gave it good score because I really took my time and put pride into my work. I could feel the connection to my homes.

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