In celebration of this year’s NAIDOC Week theme “Heal Country”, we are inviting young artists aged 6-16 years old, Australia-wide to create an original artwork that shares their culture, ceremony and spiritual connection to Country. The entry that best reflects the theme will receive a $500 Yarn voucher and have their design printed as a limited edition Yarn collection.

100% of the profits from the limited edition collection sales will go to the following non-profit organizations; ALNF (Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation), Nutrition Plus,  Gunawirra & Surat Aboriginal Corporation. Each of these organisations aims to improve the lives of Indigenous communities, specifically children and their families.

Artwork Gallery


Artist: Zahli

Age: 8 years old

This is my artwork‘Protection’ the hands represents the people protecting the earth by attempting to reverse the effects of global warming.. the brown at the bottom represents the soil and the light brown represents dried up river banks..the circles are were the water holes used to be. the green represents it all being replenished and coming back to life. It’s 2021 We must all do our bit to help heal our country for all the generations to come. I pledge to do my bit by planting more plants, Recycling, stop wasting water, not littering & using less chemicals. Thanks Zahli Chapman (8)

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